Chapter 5: Names

In today’s globalized world it is common to come across names of people, places, organizations and other things that are in languages we do not understand. At one level, names are simple: they are simply string of text which are easy to copy and paste from one place to another. But, at another level, names have an internal structure and properties which are language-dependent: it is a good idea to be aware of these so we can handle them correctly and respectfully.

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Chapter contents

  • Capitalization of names
  • Names of people
  • Surnames
  • Language names
  • Names of nationalities
Book cover
An Ríomhaire Ilteangach
Michal Boleslav Měchura
145 pages
Cois Life 2017
ISBN 978-1-907494-70-3
Note. Although this website is bilingual in Irish and English, the book itself is in Irish only.