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BONUS CONTENT Extended characters used in major European languages grouped by language and by the Latin letter they are based on. This content is associated with Chapter 3 of the book.

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Extended characters based on I

Character Languages
ı I tr Turkish
í Í ca Catalan,  cs Czech,  cy Welsh,  es Spanish,  fo Faroese,  ga Irish,  gl Galician,  hu Hungarian,  is Icelandic,  nl Dutch,  no Norwegian,  pt Portuguese,  sk Slovak
ì Ì cy Welsh,  gd Scottish Gaelic,  it Italian,  mt Maltese,  nl Dutch,  no Norwegian
i İ tr Turkish
î Î br Breton,  cy Welsh,  fr French,  it Italian,  nl Dutch,  no Norwegian,  ro Romanian,  sq Albanian,  tr Turkish
ï Ï ca Catalan,  cy Welsh,  es Spanish,  fr French,  gl Galician,  nl Dutch
ī Ī lv Latvian
į Į lt Lithuanian
Book cover
An Ríomhaire Ilteangach
Michal Boleslav Měchura
145 pages
Cois Life 2017
ISBN 978-1-907494-70-3
Note. Although this website is bilingual in Irish and English, the book itself is in Irish only.