Chapter 10: Dictionaries

Dictionaries are an important part of a bilingual or multilingual person’s life. These days we usually access dictionaries on computer screens rather than on paper, in the form of websites or mobile apps. This chapter is about electronic dictionaries and other language reference tools you can find on the Internet.

You have almost certainly used a dictionary before and perhaps you think that there is nothing much to say about them. But using a dictionary to its full potential requires some skill, like using every tool. We will go through some general advice in this chapter on how to make sure you find what you are looking for and that you understand the results.

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Chapter contents

  • Dictionaries and things that are not dictionaries
  • Searching and finding
    • Search language
    • Inflected forms in dictionary search
    • Wildcards
    • Misspellings and dictionary search
  • Understading what the dictionary says
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