Chapter 12: Software localization

The previous chapter was about software which is still in English (or whatever language it was originally created in) but which is equipped to serve the requirements of different languages and cultures. In this chapter, we will go one step further and talk about software which is translated, or localized, completely.

Software localization involves more than just translation, although translation is definitely the most prominent part. Before translation can begin, internationalization needs to happen, and sometimes completely new features may need to be added to the software as well. For example, localized office software sold in German-speaking countries usually comes with a German spellchecker, a feature which the original English software does not have.

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Chapter contents

  • Localization methods
    • Language skins
    • Hot swapping
    • A mix of languages on your screen
  • The challenges of localization
    • Space on the screen
    • Text concatenation
    • Answering yes and no
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